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Student Profile/Assessment

Northwest Chinese Academy (NWCA) reviews and publishes our school-wide test results to keep our stakeholders informed of students’ achievement in Chinese and core-subject areas.


Unlike traditional schools and many Chinese language programs in the United States,  NWCA maintains a 90:10 Chinese immersion model for all grades. While caution is warranted in making comparisons due to the small sample sizes in each grade level, NWCA students demonstrate strong and consistent performance in all core-subject areas. This is quite an accomplishment because our students complete standardized assessments in core-subject areas in English, while learning the content in Chinese.


We believe NWCA’s advantage can be attributed a proven standards-based instruction, personalized learning afforded by small class sizes, and an extended learning day that includes a study hall hour led by students’ classroom teachers. We are proud of our dedicated faculty, students, and parents, who come together to create an enriching community of learning.


This brief summarizes NWCA’s assessment system which is comprised of three standardized assessments. NWCA’s assessment systems are summarized below.


This brief also compares the performance of NWCA students with the performance of students in Oregon State schools and a national sample of students in Chinese programs.


Please find a downloadable PDF of the brief below.