History 学校历史

NWCA was founded in July 2008 under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Binny Arcot. What began as a single-student, five-teacher school soon grew to 20 students and six teachers in just two short months. Eventually, thanks to the grassroots efforts of parents, the school was re-established in a 1,800 square foot space in Beaverton, Oregon.  


One year later in 2009, the school was moved for the second time to a 4,000 square foot facility at 8565 Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy. Once again, dedicated teams of parents volunteered to help convert the former office building into a welcoming school environment.


From there, the school continued to grow quickly. In October 2009, NWCA hosted its first-ever field trip to China with students from grades 2 to 4.


In 2016, NWCA proudly became sister schools with Cathay Future Art Primary School in Tianjin, China. In light of the new partnership, NWCA students were given the unique opportunity to attend the school and learn alongside their students for one week as part of their China trip.