Students arrive between 7:30 am to  7:55 am. Class instructions begin promptly at 8:00 am.
For preschool and pre-kindergarten, pick-up time is between 3:45 pm  to 4:00 pm for full-day students or 12:15 pm - 12:30 pm for half-day students.
Kindergarten through 5th grade, pick-up time is between 4:00 pm to 4:15 pm.
To support students who do not have access to native Mandarin speakers or readers at home, NWCA builds time into the school day for students in grades 1-5 to have additional time with our Chinese teachers.


Study Hall is from 3:00-4:00 pm, every Monday through Friday while school is in session. During this period, Elementary students may draw on their teachers and peers for assistance in completing their work. Meanwhile, students in Preschool through Kindergarten will engage in teacher-led enrichment activities during this time.

Yes.  NWCA’s English instruction is carefully defined and implemented, guided by Engage NY’s English Language Arts curriculum.  We harness the fundamental skills they are learning in Chinese and transfer those rich skills to English. Research shows that when programs are fully implemented according to the program design, English learners in 90/10 models score as well as or better than their peers in other programs on English tests. (Lindholm-Leary, (2001) Dual Language Education, Multilingual Matters LTD). Please also see our recent assessment results in Oregon State English-language administered exams for evidence that our students are excelling in both English and Mandarin Chinese. 

Families may select on-campus after-school care program, available from 4:00 – 6:00 pm every Monday through Friday during in-session days.

- Indoor and outdoor supervised play
- Drop in option upon space availability

- Please notify Administration if you would like to enroll your child

Extracurricular activities such as music and science are also available to families at additional cost beginning at 4:10 pm on designated days. Information about these activities will be sent to families via email.

NWCA collaborates with the following programs onsite:

My Masterpiece Art Studio 

NWCA is designated a peanut-free zone.  To avoid accidental ingestion of allergens, students are not permitted to share food with one another.