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Classroom Lower School
"NWCA provides a great experience for our children on so many levels. First and foremost, it’s a chance for our children to learn a lifelong skill of speaking Chinese. The smaller classroom sizes allow our children a great amount of direct interaction with their teachers. The longer school day at NWCA is another huge asset. After learning Chinese in all but one class throughout the day, the students are able to finish whatever assignments they had been given throughout the day during their study hour before they come home. This structure enables a great amount of learning to be done in the school day, and allows our children to come home and enjoy some free time with our family or time for extracurricular activities.

The community surrounding the school is very cooperative and tight-knit, all families sharing the spirit of wanting the best education possible for their children while respecting fellow students and families.  At the core of the school are the extremely dedicated native Chinese teachers who develop and deliver a curriculum that both challenges the children and taps into their creative energy. I couldn’t think of a better elementary school education to prepare our children for the challenge of their world ahead than the one being offered to them at NWCA.”

-Rick Ader, 5th and 3rd grade parent


Class nature trip

“The full Mandarin immersion has enabled my two children to speak Chinese even though they come from a household with no Chinese background.  That is amazing.  But even if you take out the amazing Mandarin program, the academics are top notch.  I cannot believe what kind of math, reasoning, and social studies skills and knowledge my little girls already possess.  And to top it off, the English program is incredible, and it is such a pleasure to see my kids reading and writing in both languages and loving it.

I would also add that the staff at NWCA is a group of incredibly dedicated, smart, and creative people.  They work really hard to keep this school in great form and regularly keep in touch with parents on what kinds of improvements they are making to curriculum and the school itself.  The whole community is a great benefit--I know all my children's friends and their parents well, and we are all supportive of each other and have lots of fun together.  I'm so grateful my family is a part of NWCA for so many reasons!”


-Cynthia Johnson, Kindergarten and 2nd grade parent



Classroom lower grade
When we were looking for a Mandarin Immersion program, NWCA stood out as the school in which students spent most of their day truly immersed in the language.  We were impressed with the supportive, caring attitude from the staff and teachers.  Our children are not only learning to speak Mandarin, they are learning what it means to be global citizens.  They love going to school!”


-Elizabeth Contreras, NWCA Alumni Parent