Early Childhood Education 幼儿园

At Northwest Chinese Academy, our Early Childhood Education program refers to our Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten grades.

Northwest Chinese Academy’s Early Education classes use a play-based curriculum that fully immerses our students in Mandarin Chinese from day one. This commitment to full Chinese immersion is central to our academic mission, and is highlighted in our 90/10 immersion model, where students are fully immersed in Mandarin Chinese for the entire school day outside of English class. Our 90/10 model is the highest percentage of language immersion in the Pacific Northwest.

NWCA Early Childhood students learn through song, dance, stories, arts and crafts, projects and free play, developing the educational, emotional, and social foundations to succeed in the upper grades. Our small class sizes and welcoming educational environment help young learners acclimate to a Chinese immersion environment and cultivate a life-long love of learning and exploring.

Our early childhood students also receive English instruction every day of the week. Students in preschool and pre-K receive 25 minutes of instruction daily, while students in Kindergarten receive 55 minutes. Our Lower English Specialist, a native English speaker with years of experience in early childhood and lower elementary education, teaches children the fundamentals of reading and writing using the linguistic foundations students are building in their Chinese classes and helping students “translate” these skills into English.


Students can enroll in preschool as soon as they turn three and are toilet trained. Our pre-K class is for students turning four before September 1st, and our Kindergarten class enrolls students who are five before September 1st. Previous Chinese language experience is not required to enroll in Northwest Chinese Academy’s early education programs.