Elementary Education 小学部

Reading in the libraryNorthwest Chinese Academy’s Elementary Education program engages and challenges students with a rigorous Mandarin curriculum, building off of the strong foundations developed in NWCA’s early childhood classrooms. Our elementary curriculum recognizes students as active learners, providing students experiences that engage their curiosity about the world around them. Our teachers serve as guides and collaborators, helping students discover their interests through specialized projects and course themes.

Northwest Chinese Academy uses a Mandarin curriculum provided by the People’s Education Press (人教版) textbooks, a Beijing-based publishing house led by China’s Ministry of Education. People’s Education Materials are used throughout China and are the standard bearer of Mandarin education worldwide. 

NWCA also uses an accelerated China-based elementary education math program, provided by the People’s Education Press. Similarly to Chinese, a fifth grade graduate of NWCA will have a math ability on par with that of a fifth grader in China, which is about 12 - 18 months more advanced than U.S. common core programs.

Beginning in Grade 1, all NWCA students have homework hour built into the last hour of the school day, everyday. This homework hour allows students to complete their work in the presence of native Chinese speakers, allowing students from families who speak English at home to receive adequate homework support. The majority of students are able to complete their daily work in this homework hour, which frees up student time afterschool for family or extracurricular activities.