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English Instruction

Northwest Chinese Academy strives for academic excellence through bilingualism, producing students who are comfortable, expressive, and fluent not only in Mandarin Chinese but also in English. All students, from preschool through Fifth grade, have daily English classes with our Upper and Lower English specialists: both native-English speakers from the United States. Our English specialists have years of experience teaching in bilingual educational environments between them.


English Read-a-thon

Our Lower English Specialist works with grades Preschool through second grade, while students in grades 3-5 work with our Upper English Specialist. Students in Preschool and Pre-K receive 25 minutes of English instruction daily, while students in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade receive 55 minutes daily. 

At NWCA, 100% of our students are reading at or above grade level in all grades. This is thanks in part to the hard work and dedication of our English specialists. Our specialists work with our Chinese grade level teachers to help students “translate” many of their Chinese grammar skills into English, as students have little problem transferring their

grammatical understandings of grammar from one language to another. Our English specialists also focus much of their teaching on the aspects of English Language Arts that are not present in Chinese language. This results in a well-rounded curriculum that produces creative and confident writers and speakers of English who are prepared for English-language middle school and beyond.