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Martha A. OrtizWelcome to a special community – NWCA has been providing an unparalleled academic experience for students in Preschool – Grade 5, who call the Portland, OR area their home.  We combine the best of the East with the strengths of the West: the challenge of the Chinese national curriculum in language studies and Math, and a proven, standards-based curriculum focused on engaged, student-centered learning.  We are a tight-knit community of learners, founded by parents, remaining supportive of and supported by the families that make up our community.  

Our students are engaged in the learning process in Mandarin 90% of their time with native-Mandarin speaking teachers.  These teachers bring the richness of Chinese language and culture alive for students through each interaction. They also bring to the classroom China’s intrinsic respect for the power of education to make an impact in an individual’s lives. This respect, transferred to students during their time here, means that our alumni develop into confident, academically prepared student leaders, who are thriving in whatever direction life leads them.  Our students excel in not only Chinese, but also as users of the English language, which is validated by the performance of students in their English Language arts classes, school performances, and performance on annual standardized exams.  

More than anything, our students learn to be global citizens through our Phoenix Values system:  they learn to be Kind, Responsible, Courteous, and Safe. They learn the importance connection between leadership and service through opportunities to participate in Phoenix Council.  And they learn that they can achieve excellence inside and outside of the classroom.  

I take pride in bringing the skills I learned during my twelve years in China and deep respect for Chinese language, culture and people to my interactions with community members each day.  This is a place to go beyond understanding another culture through the lens of politics and media and to really get to know people and a culture as they are.  

Come, join us, and schedule a tour to see the NWCA impact for yourself.  I look forward to welcoming you to explore our new 3-acre camps in the Aloha-Beaverton area: ten minutes west of downtown Beaverton, eight-minutes from the Nike World Campus, and 10 minutes east of Hillsboro.  

Martha A. Ortiz

Head of School




在我们中国老师的指导下,学生们百分之九十的数学课程都是通过中文学习的。老师们会在与学生的日常交流中用一些生动鲜活的例子和故事来加深孩子们对中国语言和文化的理解。我们的中国老师不仅仅传授知识,而且传播中国人重视教育的理念,让孩子理解教育的重要性和对人生的意义。这种对教育的尊重在我们学生中产生了积极深远的影响:  我们的孩子独立,自信,有责任感,在学业和生活上都能更好地迎接未来的挑战。我们的孩子不仅中文棒,他们的英语也毫不逊色。他们在英语课堂和学校英语节目中的出色表现,以及每年的标准化测试中的优异成绩都证明了这一点。

我有幸在中国的十二年里学到的很多东西,加深了我对汉语和中国文化的理解和热爱。我很自豪能有机会在每一天的交流中把我的体验分享给大家。在这里我们可以越过政治和媒体的视角来真正地了解中国的文化。我真诚地邀请您来我们的学校参观,来亲自体会一下。我们的三英亩校区坐落在 Aloha-Beaverton 区域,交通便利:从 Beaverton 市中心 10 分钟往西,从 Hillsboro 10 分钟往东都能抵达。离耐克的总部只有八分钟。